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Few words about GLIDING...

The wonderful world of silent flight without engine.

  • If the idea of flight fascinates you, then the spectacular sport of gliding will open a new world of pleasures for you.

  • In a free flight with a glider, we can gain height without the help of an engine and we can remain as high as we wish, covering hundreds of kilometers before returning to our base.

  • It is not difficult to become a glider Pilot. You can learn to operate a glider at any age. You can fly solo from the age of 16 years and continue to Fly until your 86!

  • Once trained, many Pilots are practicing skillfully gliding with flight travels in order to conquer larger distances. Others that have touched the competition struggles they found gliding as one of the most exciting and demanding individual sports.


 For most, however, there is the joy of gliding silently among the clouds, enjoy the chase of updrafts and share with friends enthusiasm and excitement that this sport offers. It is a satisfaction that it's difficult to described to those who have not tasted this experience.

 Today's gliders are made of synthetic materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, but gliders made of aluminum or wood with cloth coating remain popular. The gliders have wingspan between 17 to 25m, they are equiped with flight instruments -often digital- and have final speeds in excess of 250kmh. It is easy to handle and it's designed to exploit optimally the updrafts.

 Modern gliders can travel between 35 and 60 km for every 1,000 meters they descend. With these impressive performances they have achieved a record of longer distances exceeding the 2.000 kilometers and a record of over 30.000 ft height.