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  • When competition becomes more important than life itself

    Disclosure: This post is a complete citation of the original article written by Karol Staryszak and which was published on the blog soaring.eu. I do not claim any rights to this article. Context: Karol wrote this piece as a reaction to the deadly accident which happened during the FCC gliding contest (Slovakia) this past April. Though it is very emotional at times, this article is an absolute must read for every pilot. Not only it is very powerful, but also, the value which it contains is enormous. Here is Karol’s story;

  • Edessa Gliding Club article in Sailplane and Gliding

  • What's the Answer to the Blanik Issue?

    What’s the Answer to the Blanik Issue? by Dafydd Llewellyn • September 4, 2012

  • Weather

    Info and links about the present weather in our Airfield and more link to detailed weather prediction information and special Forecasts dedicated to our Sport.