en Realisation of FLY-IN & Airshow Edessa Gliding Club 2016 http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/realisation-of-fly-in-airshow-edessa-gliding-club-2016 Dear friends of the Edessa Gliding Club 

Our event was held and was very SUCCESSFULL !!!

We would like to thank very much all those who honored us with their presence that far exceeded our expectations. Proving once again the interest of the local community and organizations to the effort of our Gliding Club.

Your response gives us strength to continue our work, which is none other than to spread the word of gliding and airmanship.Οur love for Gliding and your support as the driving force give us the strength to continue our effort  for a modernized Gliding Club that will be will be a  gem for our region and will attract new future Glider Pilots  from our region (and the rest of Greece) and also a  tourist attraction linking gliding and gliding-tourism which is is widespread abroad.

Thank you very much for your support.




Photos from the event can be found HERE

Edessa's Gliding Club first flight in our airfield http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/edessas-gliding-club-first-flight-in-our-airfield Our new glider finally got register and is in the process of airworthiness and issue of all necessary documents.

In this context we accomplished the first flight of our sailplane.






FLY IN AIR SHOW EDESSA GLIDING CLUB 2016 [EN] http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/fly-in-air-show-edessa-gliding-club-2016-en Fly In - Air Show 2016 Edessa.

Edessa Gliding Club is proud to announce  the "Edessa Gliding Club Fly In and Air Show" which will be held  in 6,7 & 8 May 2016 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), at our airport (Edessa Gliding Club Airport -Panagitsa) ,  in the European Trans FACT Program implemented.


This meeting will be combined with the purposes of:


- Inauguration of our new hangar and our Aerosport Museum.


- Opening and demonstration of our new volatile equipment.


- Glider flights, ultralight aircrafts flights, Freefall parachute and R/C model aircraft flights.


- Parallel events.


In case you wish to visit us, you can find information on our official website www.edessaglidingclub.gr or contact us by phone and email shown at the bottom of our website.



  AIRFIELD CARD for visitors from AIR can be found HERE



By Order of the Board








FLY IN AIR SHOW EDESSA GLIDING CLUB 2016 BULLETIN II [EN] http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/fly-in-air-show-edessa-gliding-club-2016-bulletin-ii-en

Fly In - Air Show 2016 Edessa.

After continuous contact of Edessa Gliding Club with the HNMS (Hellenic National Meteorological Centre) and information flow from the services of HAF (Hellenic Air Force), it was decided, by the directing board that the events of the Fly In and Air Show, will finally take place on 13, 14 & 15 May 2016.

The decision to forward the event by a week was taken , because there is great instability forecast and development of severe storms in the airport area at the 6.7 & 8 May.
The program of the events, for the forthcoming week though remains exactly the same.
By orders of 
Edessa Gliding Club Directing Board

bellow you can read the corrected bulletin II

Edessa Gliding Club is proud to announce  the "Edessa Gliding Club Fly In and Air Show" which will be held  in 13, 14  & 15 May 2016 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), at our Airport (Edessa Gliding Club Airport -Panagitsa) ,  in context of the implementation of the European Crossborder  Program FACT .


This event will be combined with the purposes of: 

- Inauguration of our new hangar and our Aerosport Museum. 

- Opening and demonstration of our new volatile equipment. 

- Glider flights, ultralight aircrafts flights, parachute jumping  and R/C model aircraft flights. 

- Parallel events.

 In case you wish to visit us, you can find information on our official website www.edessaglidingclub.gr

or contact us by phone and / or email shown at the bottom of our website.

  AIRFIELD CARD for visitors flying to our Airport can be found HERE

 In the area of ​​the airport will be available gasoline FUEL MOGAS (Super), for refueling ULTRALIGHT airplanes.

The official program of the events can be seen HERE

 Moreover it is advised that those who wish to visit us and spend the night in the area can contact the hotel:

VORAS RESORT Hotel & Spa (4 *)

(Located 300 meters from our airport)


double room 30€

Triple room   40€

Quadruple     50€

All prices include breakfast.

(Rates exclusively for the event)

Tel. Contact 2381034160
Mobile: 6944676707
Site: http://www.vorasresort.com
Mail: vorasresort@gmail.com


We will be happy to see you.


          By Order of the Board







Hotel Voras Resort is located at the foot of mount Voras,
It is situated very close (250m) from the airport of  our Gliding Club, tand very close to he traditional village of Palios Agios Athanasios
and the ski center of Kaimaktsalan.

It is the only 4-star hotel in the area,built on a hill and has the privilege of the unique view
from all places and rooms in Lake Vegoritida. It has 27 luxurious rooms decorated in a modern style, of which 5 suites 50sqm 4
houses 100 sq.m. and 2 apartments of 70 sq.m.

The Bellini food bar offers light  meals and salads,a variety of alcohol drinks, champagne cocktails,
and beverages as well as  cigar corner.

It is the  unique hotel in the close area that has spa, indoor / outdoor heated swiming pool, sauna, gym and Hydrotube.
Natural built environment, and discreet luxury coexist harmoniously.



• The Bellini Food Bar

• The Mojito Pool Bar

• Room Service

• Wellness Spa

• Indoor Heated Pool

• Outdoor Pool

• Business Center

• WiFi


• Newspapers and magazines

• No Smoking Areas

• Rooms for people with dissabilities



EVENT SCEDULE - EDESSA GLIDING CLUB FLY-IN &AIRSHOW 2016 http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/event-scedule-edessa-gliding-club-fly-in-airshow-2016

"Flight And Connect Tourism"



Fly Inn



Edessa  6,7 & 8 May 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

• 08: 00 Airport Opening - Preparation

• 08: 30 - 09:00 ramp control -check of installations - radio check.

• 09: 00 - 19:00 Fly In visitors Aircrafts  Arrivals- 

• Time permitting flight with gliders.

•  20:20 (last light) end of flights (30 minutes)Runnway closure.

• 21: 00 Dinner at : Tavern "Petrino" Panagitsa (Optional)

Saturday, May 7, 2016 (sunrise 6:21)

• 07: 30 - 08:00 Fly In visitors Aircrafts  Arrivals

• 08: 00 - 09:15 Leisure - flights

• 09: 15 Weather and daily briefing, Local procedures, daily program-scedule

• 10.00 Free time for flights.

11.30 Inauguration of the new Hangar - Aerosport Museum -New Equipment

12.15 Guests Reception

• 13: 00 Leisure time (canteen - buffet)-  preparation for the air show 

• 13: 15 Air show (Flights: Gliders-paragliders- Microlight Aircrafts- Airplane -Helicopters-Hang gliders - Parachutists- RC model flights

• 16: 30 End of daily air show activities - addiction flights with available aircrafts

• 20: 21 (Last Light) airport closure

20.30 Palaios Agios Athanasios Tavern Verikoukis: Dinner(with live band)

bus will be available for transfer from the airport.

Sunday, May 8, 2016 (sunrise 6:20 to 20:22)

• 09: 30 Weather and Daily briefing - / - local procedures

• 10: 00 Start tutorial (1 hour)

Subject: "Spring- Summer dangerous weather phenomena" by ret. COL (HAF) Kessaris Leonidas Meteorologist,

• 12: 30 commemorative awards to participants (30 minutes)

• 13: 00 Commemorative Fly Inn photo

• 13: 15 Air show events (Similar to Saturday)

• 15: 30 End of Airshow

• 15: 45 By the end of the show addiction flights or free flights (if available)

• 19: 29 (last light). End of flights runway closure.

• 20: 15 organizers Briefing


DISSEMINATION-INFORMATIONAL EVENT 5-6/12/2015 http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/dissemination-informational-event-5-6122015 Edessa 08/12/2015




The  Edessa Gliding Club on Saturday 05/12/2015. and Sunday 06.12.2015  organised in Stougiannaki Square Edessa and in the hall of the Mansion Hadjigiannis an informational event concerning the cross-border program «FLIGHT AND CONNECT TOURISM», which is implemented, in cooperation with the Association Aeroclub "MIRKO TODOROVSKI" s.Logovardi BITOLA , under the 2nd Call the IPA Cross-border Programme 'Greece -Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia "2007-2013.

The event was successful and many people has attended. The presentations of the program «FLIGHT AND CONNECT TOURISM» besides the representatives of the Municipality of Edessa was attended by many Tour Operators of the prefecture and owners of hotels in the area who were informed about the prospects of tourism development of the massif of Edessa through aero tourism and gliding .

 Edessa Gliding Club , after the big success and the desire of the crowd, plans to repeat these events, in the spring of 2016, not only in the city of Edessa but also in  Thessaloniki.


The Board of Aeroclub Edessa


more photos can be seen HERE

Event 5-12-2015 http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/event-5-12-2015

Edessa's Gliding Club new TOST winch launching Machine http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/edessas-gliding-club-new-tost-winch-launching-machine 10.29.2015 Today we received from Germany, our new Glider Winch Launching Machine .

Our new GWLM is Manufactured by TOST (company very well known worldwide in the gliding world for the quality and reliability of its constructions) and it is one of the most modern models exist in this category.

Our brand new winch launching machine In a few days will be fully operational. Its purchase as well as the purchase our new the glider Duo Discus XLT, is financed by the Cross Border Program Flight And Connect Tourism (F.A.C.T.)



The Board of Aeroclub Edessa

You can see photos HERE 

Edessa's Gliding Club new DUO DISCUS xlt glider http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/edessas-gliding-club-new-duo-discus-xlt-glider Edessa Gliding Club on Saturday 10.17.2015 has received the new sailplane Duo Discus Xlt. This is a modern two-seater glider of high performance, worth 162.761 euros, with wingspan of 20 meters, and a retractable engine which can be switched on during the entire flight.

Delivery of the aircraft took place in Germany on 12 & 13/10/2015, by a team of Edessa Gliding Club (Klimentidis Yiannis President of the Aero Club, Polychroniadis George Vice, Simeonides Stephen Secretary, Stanisis  Peter treasurer  and Papantonopoulos Thanos Airport installations and equipment manager. The group went for this purpose at the headquarters of the construction company in Kirchheim unter Teck , was trained in the handling of sailplanes and performed the required training and acceptance flights.

The sailplanes, combined with the new Glider launching Machine , and a brand new hangar of 800 sq.m. built at the airport, is a long-term Edessa's Gliding Club  investment , which will give a great boost to the region Aerosport tourism, attracting Greek and foreign Aerosport fans.

These investments are integrated and financed by the cross-border program «FLIGHT AND CONNECT TOURISM», (FACT), which is implemented by the Aeroclub Edessa under the 2nd Call for the IPA Cross-border Programme 'Greece - FYROM "2007-2013 (Axis 1, Measure 1.3). The project aims to Collaboration and Networking between Edessa Gliding Club  and Aeroclub of Bitola, aimed at cross border cooperation to devele forms of tourism through gliding.


The Directing Board of Aeroclub Edessa

You can see the photos HERE

Gliding Seminars in the context of FACT project http://edessaglidingclub.gr/en/news/gliding-seminars-in-the-context-of-fact-project

Flight And Conect Tourism



Gliding Training Seminars

For Advanced Glider Pilots




Gliding Training Seminars

For Advanced Glider Pilots



             Edessa Gliding Club announces that  In the context of FACT program, on 4 and 5 April 2015, will be held at the airport two-days seminars for advanced gliding pilots. The seminars will include Air Sports meteorology, navigation, and CrossCountry flight planning . The seminars are open and can be attended by pilots from all over Greece.


Saturday, April 4, 2015


- Gliding Weather elements for glider pilots. (3 hours)

Rapporteur: Kessaris Leonidas, Hellenic Air Force LtCol Meteorologist 

(for the rest of the day flights will be conducted with the club's gliders)

Sunday, April 5, 2015


- Glider CrossCountry flight planning . (3 hours)

rapporteur: Evangelos Tsoukas

- NavigationTerms and Long Distance Gliding flight planning . (1 hour)

rapporteur: John Mademlis

(for the rest of the day flights will be conducted with the club's gliders)