European Cooperation Day 2017

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23.09.2017. / 03:57:55

On the occasion of the celebration of the European Cooperation Day 2017, the  IPA cross-border Cooperation Programme Interreg  “Greece – The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and the transnational Cooperation Programme Interreg V-B “Balkan – Mediterranean” are co-organizing and participating in a gliding fly-in and air-show event, that will take place in  Edessa Gliding Club, Greece, on 30 September 2017 from 11:00 to 14:00.


The main aim of this campaign is to sensitize the wide audience and raise awareness about this sport and its accessibility. The event promotes also the development of tourism in the mountainous cross-border  region, as an alternative form of tourism that focuses on the gliding field.


The event will be primarily attended by school students from Edessa, Arnissa and Bitola.

The children will have the opportunity to visit the Gliding Club, take a tour to its facilities and see gliders from nearby. Students having the requested permission will also be able to fly with a glider.

The students will also attend a 1-hour seminar  about the history elements of gliding in the region,basic principles of sailplanes flight and information for the air sports.


If the idea of flight fascinates you, then the spectacular sport of gliding will open a new world of pleasures for you.


If the idea to fly silently among the clouds really attracts you, then…welcome to gliding. In a world of emotion and magic that you will be sharing with your friends for hours!




36 years selflessly devoted in the dissemination of Gliding in Greece