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2nd European Motorglider Meeting Pipistrel 2010

On 18,19 and 20 June 2010, held in airport Edessa Aeroclub the second European Meeting of motorgliders and sailplanes, a collaboration of Edessa Aeroclub and Pipistrel Hellas.
Despite the weather many crews (all weekend, thunderstorms prevailed flights in the area of the airport and others) were able to come to the airport either flying or driving. Due to weather several planes from abroad could not come as well. But they came by car! Like Renis Tershana and Tsvetan Doganov from Bulgaria and Albania, and Sokol Cunaj Sokol Topciu.

Participants from Greece:

  1. SX-UBS (PIPISTREL SINUS) Anastasiou Michael, Giangkou T.
  2. SX-UBI (ICARUS) Kehagias from VERIA AIRCLUB).
  3. SX-UBK (PIPISTREL) Karniaouras J. Anapolitakis Zaharias, Kiapekos K..
  4. I-9696 (PIPISTREL VIRUS) Vavourakis Manolis and Printezis P..
  5. I-9797 (PIPISTREL SINUS) Avgerinos Ntinos and Siotos Markos.
  6. I-9387 (SAVANNAH) Deligiorgis Christos from Komotini.
  7. OK-MUA83 (STING).
  8. I-8670 (PIPISTREL SINUS) Moumougiannis K. and Katsiras N. from Agrinion.

The meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere with a lot of fun, and when the weather permitted, there were several demonstration flights. Indeed Sunday were too many addiction flights for visitors, flights and models from the AEMA team that honored us with their presence.

The Saturday night dinner was from the sponsors of the event to all participants in the Fly-In at the Old Tavern in St. Athanasius. Then the scheduled open concert in the square was canceled due to sudden heavy storm.
Sunday afternoon was the departure of the aircrafts and visitors with good impressions of the event, with the promise that the meeting will soon be repeated. We would like to thank the club of AEMA, as well as the President’s Xenos Vangelis, our dear Leontaritis Alexis and Chris and the entire team of AEMA on the beautiful spectacle presented to us.

The Flying Club Edessa wishes to thank Pipistrel Hellas and all participants in the Fly In, and especially Michael Anastasiou manager of Pipistrel Hellas for his contribution and cooperation