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Acceptance of sailplane and Winch launching machine

Edessa Gliding Club on Saturday 10.17.2015 has received the new sailplane Duo Discus Xlt. This is a modern two-seater glider of high performance, worth 162.761 euros, with wingspan of 20 meters, and a retractable engine which can be switched on during the entire flight.

Delivery of the aircraft took place in Germany on 12 & 13/10/2015, by a team of Edessa Gliding Club (Klimentidis Yiannis President of the Aero Club, Polychroniadis George Vice, Simeonides Stephen Secretary, Stanisis  Peter treasurer  and Papantonopoulos Thanos Airport installations and equipment manager. The group went for this purpose at the headquarters of the construction company in Kirchheim unter Teck , was trained in the handling of sailplanes and performed the required training and acceptance flights.

The sailplanes, combined with the new Glider launching Machine , and a brand new hangar of 800 sq.m. built at the airport, is a long-term Edessa’s Gliding Club  investment , which will give a great boost to the region Aerosport tourism, attracting Greek and foreign Aerosport fans.

These investments are integrated and financed by the cross-border program «FLIGHT AND CONNECT TOURISM», (FACT), which is implemented by the Aeroclub Edessa under the 2nd Call for the IPA Cross-border Programme ‘Greece – FYROM “2007-2013 (Axis 1, Measure 1.3). The project aims to Collaboration and Networking between Edessa Gliding Club  and Aeroclub of Bitola, aimed at cross border cooperation to devele forms of tourism through gliding.

The Directing Board of Aeroclub Edessa