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FACT Air Camp 2014

The FACT AIR CAMP 2014 was successfully completed on Wednesday, August 27 2014. The CAMP is financed by the cross «FLIGHT AND CONNECT TOURISM», (FACT), which is implemented under the second Call of IPA Cross-Border Programme "Greece - the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" 2007 -2013 (Axis 1,…

Flight and Connect Tourism (08/12/2015)

Edessa 08/12/2015 PRESS RELEASE AEROLESCHIS EDESSAS The  Edessa Gliding Club on Saturday 05/12/2015. and Sunday 06.12.2015  organised in Stougiannaki Square Edessa and in the hall of the Mansion Hadjigiannis an informational event concerning the cross-border program «FLIGHT AND CONNECT TOURISM», which is implemented, in cooperation with the Association…

What’s the answer to the Blanik Issue

SoaringCafe Author Dafydd Llewellyn—now retired—has been an unlimited Australian structures Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for 37 years, and was the designer of the L-13A1 Blanik modification, in 1978. They CAN be made to fly again, but not by spraying them with “Crack Bane.” It’s time to leave denial…

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